• - My Life isn't right

    Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuhu...

    My life is just lost at the moment
    threw that path ,in that line
    i don't really know where but, i know it's somewhere

    My life just ain't alright right now
    i just can't find no divine happiness in my life right now
    i can't give no smile

    there is always this grudge on my face
    don't know why
    don't ask why
    It's okay for now

    every now and then
    i might miss a prayer
    cause i'm always gonna say theres always another day
    so, it's okay

    every time before i sleep, i say, i didn't pray and what if i don't wake up the other day
    oh yah.... disbelievers do not pray and they still wake up the other day

    i'm more important then them
    cause i keep god word in my heart
    but i just can't say

    sometimes i don't understand people
    cause they don't understand me
    but its all okay cause i'm gonna scream
    and they will hear
    and see who i am

    you know what Astagfurallah
    i know i know i'm not right
    i cannot miss a prayer
    i have to pray
    it ain't no choice
    its an obligation

    something suspected from me
    something being waited from me

    i guess i guess is all not alright right now
    i did all these
    i was never pleased
    cause i never did succeed

    my faith decreased
    my happiness a deceit

    now i know i was just thinking, totally, absolutely, positively
    i didn't worry all along,never cared
    where was my fear

    oh lord today i am worried for tomorrow
    its time to repent and surrender before it gets too late........'(


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