• - O ALLAH…..!! The Beneficent

    Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

    O ALLAH…..!! The Beneficent, The Loving, The Merciful, The Mighty, The All-Seeing , The All-Hearing, And The All-Knowing help us reach the highest level of perfection, Close the Doors that will lead us to the wrong path and Open the doors that will lead us to the right path. You created us for ONE Reason ONLY!!…To Praise YOU!!!

    So let us live a long life so that we can strengthen our Faith and praise You and Love You the way You Love Us. O The Compassionate....Give us the deepest passion and obsession of meeting You....give us rivers of tears in our eyes when we pray to You....

    O Protector, Protect us from Shaytan and all evil, protect us by sending down Your Angels to guard us. Send Your peace down to Help the people of Palestine, Iraq and all around the world. Shut down the tears of every child and of every mother who are suffering all over the world, And give peace in this world....for You are the All-Mighty and The Controller...

    O ALLAH!!! You are The Forgiver!! so forgive us for our sins from the past, present and the future. Forgive every right believer who are in the graves right now, comfort their graves, give them peace and grant them Paradise....

    Ya- ALLAH The Glorious, The Majestic, The Holy, The Peace, and The Sovereign Lord I call upon You with Your Beautiful names to Help us....Let us not go astray....and return the Muslims who have. give us peace, joy and happiness.....and when we leave this life, save us from the flames of Hell and open for us the Doors to Your Beautiful Garden of Paradise, Ya Allah!!! accept my prayers and my Duas Ameeen YA- RABB.....!!!!!

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