• - : Inspired by a Bosnian :

    Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuhu...

    A Bosnian came to us,
    smiled and said salam,
    we answered and asked,
    what makes you so calm?

    He grinned and nodded and took a chair,
    "There is something I would like to share.
    I'm going to ask you one by one,
    are you ready to answer my question?"

    We looked at each other and got inquisitive,
    we all agreed and became very attentive.

    The Bosnian asked,

    "What do you think is the best of things,
    the most sacred and holiest being.

    Is it the huge green trees which tasbih to Allah?
    Or is it the fishes which give us their du'a?"

    My friend answered,

    "It has to be the Ka'abah, it's the holiest in the world,
    every Muslim goes there, to get blessings for both worlds."

    Another added,

    "It has to be the masjid, it's where all the Muslims go,
    we perform our prayers there, and fill it with glow."

    And then I said,

    "It has to be the Quran, it's where we get our guide,
    observing the good acts, evil ones put aside."

    The Bosnian nodded in full agreement,
    he then shook his head to show disagreement.

    "Your answers were all correct,
    but let me tell you where you lack."

    "Ka'abah and masjid are both places,
    whereas Quran enlighten us for all cases."

    "They are neither most sacred nor the holiest,
    would you like to know the answer, my dear sisters?"

    We gasped hearing what he has said,
    all those we mentioned are not sacred?

    "Oh wow really, could it be,
    we think this is heresy!"

    The Bosnian said,
    "Keep calm and let me tell you,
    listen to what I'm about to reveal to you."

    "The Ka'abah is a place for man,
    a place for him to live up his imaan.
    The masjid too is a place for 'ibadah,
    where he could perform solah and salawah."

    "The holy Quran of course is all noble,
    the revelation we must keep and truly hold."

    "If you open your mind and think clearly,
    they are tools to mould you into pious Muslims, really."

    "If a Muslim always remembers the Ka'bah,
    he knows his qiblah and never misses his solah."

    "If a Muslim prays jama'ah in the masjid,
    imagine 27 rewards he has accumulated."

    "If a Muslim follows the Quran and Sunnah,
    no doubt he will be a God fearing khalifah."

    "So to me", the Bosnian affirmed,
    "...the most sacred thing is now confirmed."

    "Like Rasulullah who overwrites all these as he is the holiest,
    so the sacred thing on earth is the mu'min who is at his purest."

    Wallahu 'alam.



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