• - Allah, Protect us all from evil

    Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuhu...Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim ....

    May Allah protect us from sins and evil temptations. May Allah saves us all from the devil. May Allah gives us good knowledge that will lead us to success in this life and the life after. May Allah Guide us to the right path of life that wi...ll lead us all to Jannah Al firdose.

    Allah, Please forgive all of our sins. Allah, you know what is best and what will happen to everyone. Allah, Let us be in the Divine holy presence of you in Jannat. Allah, send our salaams to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah, Please forgive our enemies which they hurt us by their words and their actions.

    Allah, Please give those people who are suffering in those lands where the enemies are in muslim lands. Allah, Have mercy on us all.

    May Allah grants us all a safe path to walk on life's many dangerous roads...May Allah Protect us all from the devil and his EVIL tactics...May Allah guide us all to the right path of life that will leads us to success and Jannat..May Allah give us all many good things in life so we can live in peace in this life and find True bliss in the life after this life.

    O Allah, your the greatest and the supreme master..You know what is best for us all and know what going to happen...O Allah, Please safeguard us all from temptations and sins from which Iblis (devil) continue attack us.


    O Allah, Please Bless every parent with Great health and many many many Good things in their lifetime. O Allah, please give us patience so our parents will be happy with us.


    O Allah, Bless those who read this and Bless those who haven't read this yet..Bless everyone with many many good things.

    May Allah Bless you all and give you all and your family and relatives many many many good thing in this life and the life after this...and may all of us be upon the mu'muneen (righteous) ones when we are standing front of almighty Allah in Heaven. May Allah forgive us all for all the sins and bad choices we make in this life. May Allah guide us All to the right path.

    May Allah protect us all from the Devil. May Allah bless you all with many good things.

    May Allah Protect us from the devil and his evil tatics. May Allah always guide us to the straight path that will lead into Heaven. May Allah forgive all of our sins and May Allah let our parents enter Heaven. May ALLAH accept our Prayers and dua's.

    May Allah Provide us with good friends who establish regular prayers and always do good deeds. May Allah always help us all when in time of bad and frustrations. May Allah give us all strength to change people ways for the good. May Allah clear all of our hearts and our mind and our souls of evil and bad thoughts. May Allah grant us all Heaven.


    O Allah, you are the most merciful. O ALLAH, you are the most supreme. O Allah, you are the most Oft- Forgiving. O Allah, you are worthy of Worship and no one else is. O Allah, you know what is good for us and what things what make us successful in this life and the life after this. O Allah, we seek your protection, O Allah, you are the Greatest. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL EVERY SINGLE SECOND of your living life.


    May Allah protect us all from the powers of the dajjal. May we be Amongst those who will be with Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isa (AS) side while fighting the Dajjal and Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj. Allah, You are the greatest.
    Allah, Please makes us all aware for what evil coming. Allah, Please increase people's knowledge which that will be useful for this world and the hereafter that will lead to success. Allah, Please forgive everyone and their sins. Allah, let them be upon the mu'muneen (rightous) .

    Allah, Protect us all from evil and please guide us to the Straight path that leave lead to Jannat. Allah , PLEASE ACCEPT OUR PRAYERS AND DUA'S. Ameen!

    by : Ibn Khalid 




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