• - People Whom Allah Loves.

    As-salámu ‘alaikum wa rahmatul láhi wa barakátuh!”

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

    People Whom Allah Loves

    Man's love for Allah is all about striving hard to uphold His Deen and obedience to Him, His Messenger or any system or authority that implements His Rule. In return, Allah's love for man is about being Gracious and Beneficent to man and providing him protection from the harmful consequences of his shortcomings or inadvertent mistakes [See, 3:31-32, 5:54, 9:24].

    In the Quran, various types of people are mentioned whom Allah loves, i.e. who get blessed with His special grace, beneficence and protection.

    Allah loves Muhsineen [2:195, 3:134, 3:148, 5:13, 5:93]

    [Those who do good (to others); who spend (benevolently) in the cause of Allah (2:195)

    in favorable as well as in adverse circumstances; who divert and sublimate their anger and potentially virulent emotions to creative energy and become a source of tranquility and comfort to people; who quickly correct any wrong or indecency that has occurred from them, remember Allah, protect themselves from trailing behind in dignity and refrain from willfully persisting in error. [3:134-135];

    who pardon and forbear [5:13];

    who do not spread corruption on earth [7:56];

    who strive hard for Him [29:69]; who establish As-Salaat [remembering Him (20:14, 62:9) all the time (70:23) and at appointed times (4:103, 62:9), and follow His Guidance in all the affairs] and keep the resources, that He has bestowed upon them, open [for the welfare of humanity]. (2:177, 9:44, 39:33, 92:17-20) [31:3-4];

    who are the believing servants of Allah [37:110-111, 37:121-122, 37:131-132]; who sleep but little at night (reflecting on His Commands and on ways to implement His Commands) and heartily seek to be guarded against imperfections (51:16-18)].

    Allah loves Tawwabeen [2:222][Those who turn to rightfulness and recourse much to Him and His Guidance]

    Allah loves Mutahhareen [2:222, 9:108] [Those who keep their bodies free from filth, minds distant from dirty thoughts and conduct clean from unseemly acts]

    Allah loves Muttaqeen [3:76, 9:4, 9:7]

    [Those who guard themselves against evil and preserve themselves from the inevitable harmful consequences for violating Allah's Commands by carefully abiding by His Guidance, not exceeding His Prescribed Limits and not deviating or departing from His Right Path; those who render service and obedience to Him alone (2:21) and observe the prescribed abstinence (2:183-187);

    those who believe in Him, Divine Books, Aakhrat, Malaika, Prophets, and in the existence of the Unseen, that which is beyond the reach of human perception (by the senses) {Allah (21:49, 35:18, 36:11, 50:33, 67:12), Al-Saa’at (16:77, 32:5-6, 34:3, 72:25-26) when every person will get the recompense for that which he strives (20:15), the day of resurrection (27:65-66) and the everlasting paradise (19:61)}(2:3-4, 2:177);

    those who establish As-Salaat [remembering Him (20:14, 62:9) all the time (70:23) and at appointed times (4:103, 62:9), and follow His Guidance in all the affairs] and keep the resources, that He has bestowed upon them, open [for the welfare of humanity]. (2:177, 9:44, 39:33, 92:17-20) [31:3-4];

    those who give from their wealth to family and relatives, orphans, widows to those left helpless in the society, to those whose hard-earned income fails to meet their basic needs, to those whose running businesses have stalled,

    to those who have lost their jobs, to the one whose life has stalled for any reason, to the disabled, the needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels to them for assistance, to those who ask for help, and to those whose necks are burdened with any kind of bondage, oppression, crushing debts and extreme hardship of labour [2:177];


    those who spend their wealth for their own tazkiya or personal development and not for favour from anyone to be paid back [92:17-20]; those who are true to their promises and covenants whenever they make a promise or covenant [2:177, 8:56, 9:4, 9:7]; those who remain steadfast in physical or emotional distress and in times of peril [2:177];

    those who avoid great sins and fawahish (yet not ascribe purity to themselves) [53:32]; those who promote the truth and believe therein [39:33]; those who remember Allah immediately, when approached by devil [7:201]; those who strive in the way of Allah by their wealth and lives [9:44]; and those who will be in the pure state when Angels come to take their lives [16:31-32]

    Allah loves Sabireen [3:146][

    Those who have capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience with calmness and self-control;

    those who can exhibit tolerance and restraint in the face of provocation;


    those who have calm and tranquil state of mind;

    those who can exhibit composure, equanimity, self-constraint, self-control, steadfastness, determination, perseverance and endurance;

    those who steadily adhere to the statutes of Quran; those who maintain constancy with Allah;

    those who show patience, endurance, equanimity and adherence to the Laws of Allah in harm, injury, mischief damage, poverty, bodily affliction, distress, lack of means of subsistence, misfortune, calamity, fear, hunger, a state of pressing want, loss of money, loss of life or loss of fruits of their toil (2:177, 2:155, 22:35);

    those who show patience and endurance in the face of rejection (6:34);

    those who show equanimity and composure when people make them a laughing stock for their True convictions (23:110-111);

    those who show steadfastness and perseverance in seeking their Lord’s Countenance (13:22);

    those who show equanimity and adherence to Allah’s laws when wealth, fortune, plenty or ease comes after poverty, misfortune, scarcity, or hardship (11:9-10);

    those who show patience, calm and tranquillity of mind while waiting for Allah’s judgement and the results of their actions (7:87); and

    those who show self-constraint and self-control in sexual matters (4:25)]

    Allah loves Mutawakkileen [3:159] [Those who put their trust in Allah and His Laws after seeking His Guidance, deliberation, consultation, decision making, resolution and determination]

    Allah loves Muqsiteen [5:42, 49:9, 60:8][Those who act equitably and justly, and judge and make reconciliation among people with equity, fairness and justice]

    Allah loves those who fight in His way against tyranny, injustice, wrongdoings, aggression and transgression, [61:4]



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