• Nasheed (( I'm tha slave of Allah )) أنا العبد ,, by Mishary Al-Afasy العفاسي ..


    It's one of the most beautiful Nasheeds (( Vocal songs )) That I have ever heard ,, not only by him but EVER ..

    A remark : in Islam the word slave of Allah means that Allah (( the Arabic word of God )) is the only one that we worship ,, obey and be submitted to .. you can say it's like a servant ,, though you can be a servant of other people ,, but it's the complete submission and obedience ..
    There is something you should know about my way of translating ,, I translate word to word so if you think some word is fishy just look at the overall import ..
    And let me tell you again it's much prettier in Arabic ,, English is so limited ..

    The translation ..

    I'm the slave who gained the faults and was kept off repentance by Desires ..
    I'm the slave who became sorrowful ,, worried and depressed because of his slips ..

    I'm the slave who was written on him pages that he didn't fear the one who sees all ..
    I'm the injurious slave ,, I disobeyed in secrecy ,, so why would I now not reveal my crying ..

    I'm the extravagant slave my life was wasted ,, I didn't consider youth nor decrepitude ..
    I'm the slave who drowned in the stormy sea crying out of my lungs hoping to find a respondent ..

    I'm the ill slave from the sins and I came around pleading to the healer ..
    I'm the homeless slave ,, I have wronged myself ,, and I have approached your door repented ..

    Pardon the bad translation ^__^ ..

    Posted by : 3houd




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